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SEC Design Technologies was incorporated in April of 1992 by founder and President, Rory Gahart, to provide turnkey custom automation and test equipment to small and medium size businesses within the Northern Illinois region. The business was started out of his house in Libertyville, Illinois doing small design projects for local companies. When demand for his services grew, Rory left his job as an automation engineer at Abbott Laboratories and opened up a 2,000 square foot facility in downtown Libertyville. Since then, we have moved twice and have expanded our facilities and our client base to serve a wide variety of industries and companies worldwide. Many of our customers that we did business with when we founded the company are still clients of ours today!

We have been brought many projects that we have created “first ever” solutions that have given these companies a competitive advantage in how their products are produced and marketed. As an example, SEC Design was the first company to produce a production machine that could automatically overpouch an I.V. bag.

SEC Design has a proven track record of providing creative, working solutions for complex assembly and test problems. We provide excellent value in our deliverables of our machines performance, costs and lead times. SEC Design is vertically integrated by providing our customers all the key facets of custom machine building under one roof.

Treating our customers, suppliers and employees with dignity and respect is a fundamental principle of our organization that we believe will continue to create opportunities for improvement and innovation.