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Our experienced team of mechanical engineers will be responsible for taking the quoted concepts, specifications and project scope to create an engineered solution for you. A full scale layout will be developed in Solidworks to create a visual 3D model of the machine. From this, assemblies, sub-assemblies, detailed drawings, Bill of Materials, and component cut-sheets will be created for our machinists and machine builders to fabricate and assemble the machine.

Our machine builders are responsible for updating every change made to a drawing so that it can be given back to the engineering department for "as-building" the drawing package for the final documentation package to our customers.

Machine Shop Services

SEC Design has a complete machine shop that allows us to fabricate parts to print. Our knowledgeable staffs of machinists and CNC set-up personnel are well-versed in holding high tolerances and surface finishes in a wide variety of ferrous, non-ferrous and plastic materials. If schedules are tight, we augment our parts making with qualified outside machine shops that we have partnered with since starting our business.

Machine Building

Our machine builders have been trained in all aspects of the machine building process which includes machining, assembly, field wiring, pneumatics and hydraulic circuitry, vision, safety and debug. Machines are assembled using Good Manufacturing Practices and SEC Machine Building Standards to create a machine that is safe, easily maintained, functional and appealing to the eye. Our machine builders take on a key responsibility of preparing the machine for customer acceptance and training on our floor and will follow the machine to its final destination for installation and on-site training.


Our controls engineers, programmers, technicians and panel-builders are responsible for the controls architecture, panel layouts, panel building, field wiring and controls debug of the machine. They will follow the customer specifications and adhere to NFPA 79 standards as well as conform to CE standards for our overseas customers. We pride ourselves in our knowledge and abilities to integrate state of the art technologies into the machines infrastructure to allow our customers greater control and feedback of the machines performance.

The controls group has vast experience in integrating vision systems, robotics, servo’s, Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s), ultrasonics, heating systems, induction sealing systems, dispensing systems and safety devices to name a few.